Amp Up the Visual Appeal of Your Event Platform

Unraveling the secrets of designing your event pages beyond visuals with Jublia platform

March 30, 2023
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So your event platform is almost ready to launch, but only after you tackle one last crucial stage: designing. It can be such an intriguing process when your creativity meets the flexibility of the web design, which will define how far you can go to beautify your platform and make use of the space effectively.

At Jublia, we believe that a great look can do wonders for your events. Not only can it enhance your branding and create a better user journey, but it is also one of the first engagement touchpoints with your audience. Encourage them to click through more of your pages or explore more about your events to fulfill your pre-event engagement metrics.

Let’s learn more about how you can play around with your creativity in designing the event platform with Jublia:

1. Strengthen your brand image with fascinating colors

Start it all up in full color. The palette you choose will certainly be impactful to every user’s first impression. 

QuickSprout research indicated that 90% of product assessments have to do with colors. More specifically, 85% of the reasons for product purchasing are none other than the colors themselves. Undoubtedly, colors affect conversions, and it’s also applied in the event industry. On a side note, every organization must have branding guidelines that include color schemes that must be applied to event platform design. 

You can bring those together with two simple design rules. First, pick two contrasting colors — dark-colored texts on light backgrounds or vice versa. Second, ensure that the colors you use on the platform will also appear in all the marketing materials, which will increase brand recognition too!

Let’s see how two events manage to use their brand color schemes while simultaneously complying with the general rule of contrasting colors.

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022 stays true to the shade of red it uses on its official website. Combining bright red, white, and a darker accent with black fonts make all the texts stand out and improve the readability.

On the contrary, Tech Week Singapore opts for a monochromatic theme in black and white to embody its logo. The minimalist design helps to highlight the important part, such as the quicklinks — the hidden gem we’ll discuss further on.

2. Showcase the main selling points of your event

Among many ways to grab audience attention, showcasing the main selling points of your event is one of them. Jublia’s web platform provides several tools to let organizers maximize their creativity.

Starting with the event description section, which Dealmakers West uses to highlight their side activities. The event successfully shows that it's not just business meetings but offers more stimulating activities in the agenda. In this case, who isn't triggered to kill two birds with one stone?

Next is the quicklinks, a fully customizable feature where organizers can literally display everything they’d like to highlight the most. From exhibitors lists, agenda sessions, external websites, help desk, and so much more, leaving so much to their own creativity and needs.

Other than creating quick access to the crucial elements of your event that you don’t want your audience to miss, it also allows organizers to repurpose it for other means. For example, the Indonesia Energy and Engineering Series (IEE Series) 2022 includes its sponsors in the quicklinks to put them under the spotlight.

A different case happens with Manufacturing Indonesia as they decide to provide quick access to direct contact through the quicklinks thumbnail. See how the two events have various background images that represent their brands!

In an event platform provided by Jublia, organizers can manage the quicklinks customization. They have full access from setting up the background image, picking names for each section, and modifying it afterward.  This flexibility allows them to design the event platform to cater to their events’ needs and the goals they’d like to achieve through this feature.

3. Visual elements that do more than just beautify

The existence of visual elements makes a more dynamic appearance of your event platform. But the influence they have goes beyond the display. The typical visual element utilization in events is to let the sponsors take the main stage to increase their visibility.

One of our partners finds a unique way to display the banners on their platform: as a space to promote their upcoming event. Such an effective way to market your event in advance, isn’t it?

That’s not all! Another meaningful way to utilize the visuals in your event platform is by using them to promote sponsored sessions. See how attendees find them as they scroll through the product pages.

4. Simplistic yet informative layouts

More than just an aesthetic visual appearance, the user's journey must be taken into consideration. Ensure that all the essential information the audience needs to know about your event is displayed prominently on the page.

Not less important is the registering and login button to let them explore your event deeper as an attendee must be easily found. Jublia address this issue perfectly with the pop-up registration menu that also guides attendees to download the app.

Jublia’s recently released AI Maps on Web and Multihalls Mapping can enhance the appeal of your event hub by letting the audience explore the venue in advance. In a UI designed just like Airbnb or Agoda, with a map beside the listings, it simplifies the ability to locate all the exhibiting companies and booths, conferences and essentially any venue locations that your attendees need to be aware of. 

5. Maximize the event app!

Designing your event platform on the web is excellent and having a cohesively branded event app will add a formidable co-pilot to your attendees’ event experience. This is because a native app provides more brand opportunities for organizers. Here’s how we can design an app for success.

Right from the start, you can give the stage to your sponsors by featuring them on the welcoming screen! This display aligns with the web appearance, meaning they have more visibility.

And just like the quicklinks on the web platform, you will be able to give more exposure to your top-tier sponsors — as well as your organizer’s profile!

In a nutshell, visual elements on the event web platform are like a blank canvas where each organizer can showcase their creativity by crafting their event’s unique visual identity on it. To be able to create a design that meets their needs and goals to achieve, the canvas should be able to cater to them. If a digital platform is a canvas, the limitation it has will prevent an organizer from fully unleashing their creativity. And Jublia’s web and app platform is a highly-customizable playground for all organizers to design.

Bonus: Let Audiences Explore Your Event, Without Login Requirements!

You have done your very best in designing your event platform. Does it mean only users who have registered can fully explore it? With Jublia Public Hub, you don’t have to.

Jublia Public Hub is a feature that allows your audience to explore all your event's touchpoints without login requirements. It's a convenient way to share your event platform publicly on social media and convert audiences into attendees!

Customize Your Event Platform with Us

The visual appearance of an event platform affects the audience's interest in participating. Therefore, it's only right if organizers are given the independence to design an event platform that perfectly suits their brand and represents their image.

Jublia's engineers do their best to present highly flexible digital tools which cater to every organizer's need to customize their platform. So, how would you like to design your platform? Get in touch with our Solution Specialists by dropping a message at and following our LinkedIn to keep up with our latest updates!

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