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The hybrid content engagement game just got real

April 29, 2022
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Article actual date: Nov 2, 2021

Earlier this year, we teamed up with Pigeonhole Live to draw out the true content potential of our AI Engagement Hub, empowering organizers with a plethora of interaction options that easily addressed any virtual engagement challenges. While it’s only been a mere few months, much has changed in our landscape since then, and both Jublia and Pigeonhole Live have greatly augmented to take on the next Goliath — hybrid events.

One hybrid voice

Evolution is constant. We’ve seen the shift towards more hybrid-powered functions in our world of events, where the dissonance lies between live and virtual participants. Being on-site provides an immense advantage when interacting with the speakers and session content, which might leave virtual attendees in disengaged lurches — how then can organizers address this severe engagement imbalance?

The answer: inclusivity. Jublia’s hybrid-ready AI Engagement Hub consolidates all of an event’s interaction in one place, including broadcasting sessions to your digital audiences while they’re unfolding live for on-site attendees. But that’s just the start: with Pigeonhole Live, session participants -on-site or online, attendee or speaker — will now have a common space for interactive discussions through audience engagement tools, including:

  • Live chats that provides an outlet for any attendee to voice their opinions out
  • Q&As with voting functions that highlight the most important of questions
  • Live polls that can be implemented as mid-session quiz refreshers or as word clouds to capture what your audiences are thinking about

But, what makes this different or better than a normal chat function? Having an integrated space tears down any engagement silos between all your audience types, leading to an environment of seamless interaction and cohesive insights. After all, we’re social creatures looking to be part of bigger communities that share the same ideas, and Jublia with Pigeonhole Live is able to engineer that connection for you anywhere, in any event.

Engagement: two-fold

It’s not just the content engagement that makes a good hybrid event — immersion is another pivotal factor that elevates your audience’s experience to a whole new level. Organizers should look to empower your attendees to interact with not just content, but with other people, companies and products as well, and that’s just what our AI Engagement Hub encompasses.

Be it before or after content sessions, Jublia’s AI-powered engagement hub enables attendees to match with other highly-relevant delegates, companies and products through virtual booths, product marketplaces and even small, focused discussions on our newly-released roundtable feature. Coupling these extrinsic components with discussions supercharged on Pigeonhole Live will lead to a whole new narrative of inter-attendee engagement.

Today’s content tracks are no longer a one-way affair between speakers and audience members, but rather, an omnidirectional interaction where participants — online or on-site, attendee or speaker — form communities over deep discussions and active engagement outlets.

Seamless moderation and integration

In a utopian setting, organizers would likely see tightly-knit communities materialize within their events without requiring much involvement. Though, that’s quite the opposite in our reality — beyond keeping an eye out for inappropriate interactions, organizers also play an important role in engineering engagement opportunities that benefit their event communities.

Thankfully, Pigeonhole Live’s Enterprise suite provides intuitive moderation workflows that make orchestrating the ideal interaction environment a breeze. These include:

  • Collaborative moderation: You can assign questions and comments to your team of session experts, ensuring a steady stream of relevant engagement from both on-site and online channels.
  • Flexible configurations: Inbound questions can be filtered to prevent inappropriate or repeated queries. In more discreet conditions, question visibility can also be limited to an individual attendee level as well.
  • Engagement Prompts: Queue non-intrusive engagement reminders for attendees to add questions, vote on a poll, or complete a survey.

What’s more, all of these features are coupled with analytical insights that can redefine how you build your event. With a deeply integrated identity system between Pigeonhole Live and Jublia, organizers can tap on best-in-class analytics to moderate, generate leads and better understand your attendees with no extra processing or setups needed — it just works.

Content engagement has changed — will you?

Since releasing our launch article earlier this year, we have curated even more possibilities of omnidirectional conversations on our AI Engagement Hub, and it’s all thanks to our continued partnership with Pigeonhole Live.

Want to augment your event conversations to the next level? Let us help you at or message us on our Linkedin today.

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