Challenges Event Organizers Usually Experience and How to Face It

Here’s a list of potential challenges event organizers might face and the tips and tricks that might help you through it.

July 28, 2022
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Planning an event is no easy task. There’s a lot of things to consider to make sure nothing is amiss, from choosing the venue to thinking of the solution to every possible scenario during the event. At times, it can get so overwhelming that one might wish they were Doctor Strange just so they can predict the 14,000,605 possible outcomes or challenges they might face ahead.

Well fortunately, you don’t have to start a quest to find the Book of Vishanti just yet. We have a list of challenges event organizers commonly face to ease your worries, complete with the solutions to ensure that everything runs smoothly for any events you have planned.

Facing post-covid attendee number stagnancy

Now that we’re entering post-pandemic times, you might think that people are eager to experience live events again. But that excitement is likely to be dampened by so many factors - people still being cautious of the virus, high travel fares, job changes, or possible economic recession - that the number of live event attendance are stuck at 65% of the pre-pandemic numbers from 2019.

To face this major problem, you can try doubling down your efforts to broaden your audience pool. One way to achieve this is by sharing your eye-catching event posters and strategically spreading them on as many platforms as you can: from social media, websites, and even through email marketing because covering more grounds means you’ll get your word out to more people.

Another technique to try is by reaching out to your past attendees, particularly if the event is similar to the one they attended in the past. It is likely that your past attendee has built an emotional connection with you during the time they spent in your last event. This would greatly urge them to attend your future events too, especially if your previous event has left a great impression on them. So it’s time you try reaching out to them with a personalized email or newsletter. You’d be amazed at how the magic can unfold in front of you.

Now, once you’ve reached them, make sure they’re fully informed about what your event is all about and what makes it absolutely worth the visit. Most people are already excited to jump back into the live event scene, they just need a little push.

Also, it’s best to reassure your audience too. Although Covid-19 restrictions are mostly lifted and the number is decreasing gradually - as of late July 2022, we are already at around 1/3 of the total of cases from January 2022 - people are still hesitant to go to onsite events. So, be sure your attendees know that you prioritize their safety and health by informing the clear Covid-19 guidelines applied to your event. That way, you can finally convince any hesitant potential attendees to go.

Now, while your efforts in increasing your audience and attendance is important, make sure that you don’t spend too much energy on the matter. Be sure to make the most out of the people who have already clicked the last “Register now!” button too. It can be a great chance to encourage making more meaningful connections among the attendees or speakers so that everyone involved feel that they come home with plenty of new lessons.

Remember that quality is as important as quantity! To know more about the importance of effective quality registration, you can get our eBook guide for Free here.

Engaging your audience…but only during the event

We can all agree that engagement is always the key to a successful event. However, many make the mistake of only focusing on the day of the event that they tend to overlook the importance of both pre-event and post-event engagement.

Pre-event engagement starts from your very first touchpoint with the audience: registration. At this stage, you have to make sure that your attendees know every information they need to know about your event. This includes guiding them to your event, letting them know what to prepare, and even recommending contents tailored to their interests before they attend your event.

Now if pre-event engagement serves as a type of introduction to your event, post-event engagement is the perfect time to encourage feedback about your event: learn valuable input to measure your success in this event and determine points to improve for your next event. The post-event engagement timing is also best for you to highlight your event’s content on your platforms so that your attendees can access it for an extended period of time. After all, with all the excitement, attendees wouldn’t be able to consume and learn all your content in such a short period of time.

Experience a more seamless engagement journey with digital platforms - social media, email newsletters, websites, and even event apps - to make sure that your attendees can access everything in just a few clicks. Enhance their experience and help them avoid confusion by making sure the information is accessible to read at any time, any where!

Thinking networking opportunities will come naturally

Everybody misses that feeling of excitement as you step into an event venue, knowing the many new friends you’re going to make during it. Although virtual networking is possible and quite effective too, the essence of face-to-face networking is irreplaceable. In fact, 68% of entry-level professionals state that networking face-to-face is the most valuable among all.

It’s understandable to think networking comes naturally in events - and it usually is, due to humans' sociable nature. However, if it is not paired with well thought-out networking plans or the right facilities and tools to network, it would be a fatal mistake. For example, your attendees might exchange a business card or two, but it doesn’t guarantee that they would be compatible and do more meet-ups when they leave the venue.

This is where event matchmaking steps in. Help them learn, exchange thoughts with like-minded people, and get inspired by finding the perfect match tailored to your attendees preference and needs through our AI Matchmaking feature. Supported by machine learning, you will be able to make accurate compatibility predictions and come up with unique recommendations for each attendee. This way, they can make the most out of your event through the meaningful connection they make.

Encourage attendees to maintain their network outside of the event by facilitating a digital platform. To make it easier, the Jublia app provides an in-app messaging system easily accessible for the attendees of your events. Find the people you meet on the event through the app, then exchange contact information to never lose touch with any of them.

Not providing enough information to guide your attendees

From the get go, you should already explain a lot about your events so your attendees know what to expect: who the key speakers are, which sessions are the highlight of your event, who’s coming to the event,  to when and where it’s going to be held.

Break down all the details they need on a clear and easy to understand session schedule. Make sure that your attendees won’t miss a thing by giving them time to list down the sessions and activities that interest them from the very beginning. You can also arrange for easier access by utilizing your digital platforms to provide information about the session schedule!

Another thing that tends to get overlooked is the directions. Your attendees are likely to already be excited to come to your event, head full of the things they want to do and get from your event… but as they enter the venue, they end up spending most of their time looking for the sessions instead of learning from it. So, help your attendees make the most of your event by making sure you have clear directions in the event. Better yet, provide a map to help your attendees navigate around with ease. Try our AI Maps on our Event App. All you have to do is upload the static image of your map and let our AI do all the magic for you in just a click away.

Letting all these valuable event data slip through your fingers

Plenty of attendees, on-time schedules, and great networking experience are all indicators of a successful event. However, not collecting these valuable data in your events may be a huge mishap.

Data in events can help you measure your success and help determine whether you successfully reach your event KPI and ROI. Not limited to that, with the right tool, you can also collect much more detailed data about your attendees, their behavior, and so much more. Use the data to review your current event, plan the next event, or better yet, highlight all the information you learn in the case studies you’re presenting to your future clients.

Your weapon to face most challenges: Digital platforms that are geared for LIVE!

There’s a lot of challenges that come with preparing for an event. But it’s like what they say, modern problems require modern solutions. Now, you can solve everything with the help of digital platforms.

Jublia serves as an engagement hub that can empower your live events by engaging your attendees from the very first touchpoint to your event until after they leave your venue. From AI Matchmaking, branded Event Apps, and even AI Maps, Jublia, enhance their experience with your event through an integrated flow of information, available just a few clicks away!

Drop us a message at or follow us on LinkedIn. You can also try out our feature by downloading Jublia App 3.0!

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