Event Organizers, Let’s Enhance Your Exhibitors’ Event Experience!

Here’s how to make sure your exhibitors get the best out of your current event so they’ll come back for the next

September 22, 2022
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As an event organizer, keeping your exhibitors satisfied is one way to ensure success in your events. After all, a happy exhibitor will be more likely to book yet another booth at your upcoming events. Low churn, low stress!

So rather than expanding your resources in finding new exhibitors, you can take this as an opportunity to build trust and retention with your current clients. It is considered to be far more cost-efficient. In fact, according to ThinkJar, attracting new clients can be six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one. 

But retention can only happen if you know the proper ways to win your exhibitors’ heart. Here we have compiled a few ways to enhance exhibitors’ experience so they’ll keep coming back for more!

High Brand Exposure = Connecting Your Exhibitors to The Right People

One of the many reasons exhibitors want to be involved in trade shows is the chance to connect with their potential clients in person and raise their brand exposure to its full potential. In fact, it is known that 88% of brands participate in trade shows to increase their brand awareness. This is because high exposure to their brands means that their brand can reach the right audience - or better yet, the decision makers of their industry.

Supporting exhibitors for a chance to obtain high exposure is one of the ways to their hearts. Increase their brand exposure by including them in the contents posted in your marketing channels and digital platforms or offer them sponsorship spots. This is so attendees can easily access information about your exhibitors way before the event day and become the push they need to visit your exhibitors booth.

Combine the right theme, accurate target audience, the hottest venue, and the pivotal information shared at perfect timing, and you might just find your very own winning formula for the best networking and matchmaking experience for the exhibitors in your event!

The Star of the Show: Increasing Exhibitor ROI

It is inevitable for exhibitors to think “What would I get out of this event?” considering that they would have to give extra effort and budget for it. Well other than brand exposure, trade shows are also a great opportunity for exhibitors to increase their sales - with 83% of brands agreeing that the top reason for their involvement in trade shows is to seek profit.

With this in mind, you as an organizer can start focusing your strategies to help exhibitors gain the largest Return of Investment (ROI) and prove that your event is, in fact, the hot spot for increasing revenue. 

Help your exhibitors reach the right audience by guiding them through the multiple touchpoints of your event and provide an environment made for sustainable networking opportunities, just so your attendees and exhibitors can be in touch outside of your events. With the right tools and technology, you will be sure to enhance the matchmaking process among your attendees and exhibitors.

Beyond the Booths: Help Your Exhibitors Create a Whole  Experience for the Attendees

Cool and engaging activities usually attract attendees to crowd a booth during an event. It is because an engaging activity makes them feel involved. So if you want your exhibitors to provide the best experience for your attendees then a simple plain booth won’t do.

Provide more than just a booth! It’s time to get creative and innovative: utilize technology; create personalized recommendations ; engage the attendees before, during, and after the event through your event platforms. It is important to let them engage with your exhibitors and find out more about them through your platforms. Better yet, let attendees plan their agendas and schedule meetings with your exhibitors for a more  unforgettable engaging experience for everyone involved.

Providing a Complete Follow-up List

Networking in trade shows doesn’t just happen in your booths. Following up to attendees afterwards is where the networking and increasing sales actually begins.

A total of 83% of brands agree that event marketing has consistently increased their sales. After visiting their booth, satisfied attendees are more likely to make another purchase even long after the event.

To give the push they need, organizers can help compile these satisfied attendees into a follow-up list. This is made so your exhibitors can determine who to contact after the event and personalize the offers according to their preferred products.

A good tech provider would have the tools to help you compile a follow-up list. Some would offer helpful networking tools or even a lead scanner that could hold all the information - and more - of that they would need about their leads.

At Jublia, you can try Jublia Scan for an AI-powered lead scanner for a more effective lead scoring system so your exhibitors can follow up to their hottest leads with information beyond just the basic attendee information.

Leverage Great Technology and Data

Using technology to match attendees and exhibitors can help maximize everyone’s experience.

In this sense, technology is a very useful tool to help you collect the valuable data you need to help your exhibitors. With this data, for example, you can suggest attendees to visit certain booths tailored to their preference. This in turn helps your exhibitors reach their target audience and maximize their brand exposure.

A good tech provider will enable you access to real-time data and good quality data, which is essential for organizers and exhibitors’ decision-making process. This will be extra useful for downstream activities such as engagement, lead generation, and networking.

Choose Your Tech Providers Wisely

Ever tried a solution that was over promised and under delivered? You are not alone. In fact, numerous clients have consulted us about this.

At Jublia, we provide a holistic approach as an engagement hub to make sure that everyone involved in the event – your exhibitors, your attendees, and even you as an organizer – can make the most out of your event. 

With tools like our AI-powered lead scanner, Jublia Scan, and many other helpful tools equipped in our Jublia App, we strive to drive your event to its success.

With almost a decade of supporting all kinds of events with our solutions, let’s discuss the best ideas for yours! Drop a message to info@jublia.com or follow our LinkedIn today.

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