#HIREBLACK Juneteenth MentorMatch

Virtual Career Fair Case Study: #HIREBLACK Juneteenth MentorMatch

April 28, 2022
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Article actual date: Aug 19, 2021

Jublia has been operating in the matchmaking sphere since our inception. Be it physical, virtual or hybrid formats, we’ve been through a myriad of events and are still constantly refining our solutions to provide the best for our clients.

We are, however, always keen on expanding our horizons to optimise new interactions that are beyond our current markets. After all, the basis of matching is ubiquitous; as long as there is a need for people to communicate with one another, our technologies will find a place to facilitate and improve the attendee’s experience.

Job and career fairs are a perfect example: job and career advice seekers would attend with hopes of meeting the perfect employer or finding the right mentor, and it is the case for #HIREBLACK as we collaborated with them for their Juneteenth MentorMatch earlier in the year.

Post to Progress

#HIREBLACK’s Juneteenth MentorMatch is one of their many efforts that provide career coaching opportunities that enable Black women to explore new paths in their professional lives. With support from Chief, a private network of women leaders, #HIREBLACK empowers their attendees to consult and interact with industry leaders from a myriad of companies such as Facebook, PwC and JPMorgan Chase.

It all started from a simple post on LinkedIn calling for resume reviews, which snowballed into the massive movement today thanks to the overwhelming support from its members. With an end goal of helping 10,000 Black women get hired, trained or promoted, #HIREBLACK hosts a plethora of resources and events that empower Black women to overcome systemic barriers in their careers. Founder and CEO Niani Tolbert elaborates on their cause:

“Black women face systematic and intersectional obstacles in the workplace. With the job market being more competitive than ever, #HIREBLACK wants to provide support to those who often get overlooked.”

Matching Mentees & Mentors

Previously, #HIREBLACK had taken on the monumental task of manually matching over 300 half-hour career coaching sessions that had to span over the course of a few months due to platform limitations. Countless hours were spent evaluating profiles and coordinating between different applications, which was extremely taxing on the #HIREBLACK crew. This couldn’t be explained better by Niani:


Having worked with Jublia for their annual summit, they decided to optimise this year’s iteration by tapping into our matching expertise once more. The result: 500 meetings in just a single day, on one unified platform, all done within a few email exchanges on their end.

Other than the significantly reduced workload, the use of Match 360°, our AI Engagement Hub, has also provided deep insights on rising trends and in-demand services that unveil new opportunities. For instance, a brief analysis of the searches conducted by the mentees revealed three key areas of interests that involve:

  1. Seeking advice on pivoting to new industries;
  2. Reviewing resumes to maximise their potential, and;
  3. Upgrading their professional networking skills.

These valuable insights enable #HIREBLACK to confidently venture beyond their current field of possibilities: by identifying specific topics that garnered the most searches during the event, they can curate highly relevant content that actively engages and empowers their target audience to get hired, trained and promoted.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Beyond discovering new trends, Match 360° has the ability to gauge sentiments on how your event is faring as well. In #HIREBLACK’s case, the Juneteenth MentorMatch well exceeded expectations with over 95% positive responses from both mentees and mentors alike. These ratings are further reinforced by:

  • A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78.7%, which translates to high advocacy rates resulting from an attendee’s satisfaction with the event, as well as;
  • A Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 4.4 out of 5, which determines the satisfaction of an attendee with the event platform.

To top it off, many had detailed on their memorable event experiences alongside their ratings:

I am very likely to recommend this event due to the resources Hireblack included such as the networking guide, the informational emails, the affordable ticket prices, and the event.

— Fast Pass Mentee

The experience I had was really memorable and motivating. It was a lot of inspiration packed into 20 or so minutes. I love a platform that connects Black women to tangible opportunities, and especially to each other!

— Mentee

It was very rewarding to meet with my mentee. I hope that I was able to provide her useful insight and also serve as a listening ground for her to express her goals and ambitions. I left the meeting feeling energized. This is a great idea!

— Career Coach

From search trends to satisfaction scores, these powerful analytics provided by Match 360° had not only enabled #HIREBLACK to properly evaluate their event performance, but to also light the path for the next best steps on refining and improving their value proposition for future iterations of MentorMatch.

Speak to Us!

Jublia is thankful to have played a part in #HIREBLACK’s movement and we hope to have the opportunity to support future iterations, where we can continue to empower individuals to make meaningful connections and get hired, trained or promoted.

Have an idea on how you can use our technologies? Want further consultation on how you can perfect the idea? Feel free to ping us on our LinkedIn or contact us at info@jublia.com!

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