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The Most Important Conference for Health Innovation

April 26, 2022
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Article actual date: Mar 30, 2020

Jublia partnered with a leading health innovation conference in the Las Vegas, United States late 2019. The event was designed for senior executives in the health industry and brought together more than 7,000 leaders to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems. The event creates the highest level of curated networking.

Jublia facilitated over 6,000 1-to-1 meetings onsite!


We were tasked to facilitate highly relevant and meaningful 1-to-1 meetings for two completely different curated matchmaking programs. One, The Hosted Buyer program, which connects qualified buyers and influencers who are decision-makers for their organisation. Second, The Funding Founders program, which matches healthcare technology startup CEOs and founders, with leading investors in a series of quick pitches for investment success.

Tables all set and prepared. Ready to rumble.

Solution: Match 360°

The event had very specific matchmaking requirements because of the curated and exclusive nature of the meeting programs. We had to deliver two completely different setups, which ran concurrently on all the days of the event. These are exactly the types of challenges that we live for. Our solution Match 360° is built to be highly flexible and customized, taking into account a myriad of matchmaking permutations. The event facilitated their largest turn out of 1:1 meetings yet, and here are some top stats gleaned over a 3-week campaign period:

  1. User Adoption
    We saw an amazing adoption rate of 99% with over 90% of attendees within the program having at least one highly curated meeting.
  2. Meeting Potential
    Over 20,000 meeting requests were collectively sent through Match 360°. A huge validation of the exclusive matchmaking concept.
  3. Platform Activity
    In just 3 short weeks there were over 25,000 platform visits and a stunning number of profile views … over 60,000. Wow.
  4. Meetings Performance
    We facilitated over 6,000 meetings and our data shows that more than 85% of all the meetings were rated as highly satisfied.
  5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    The event received the top grade for their NPS — Scoring positively over 60% (any score 0% is considered positive, so they won by a mile).
  6. Customer Satisfaction (CSat)
    Jublia achieved a mean CSat score of 4.3 / 5.0. We are pleased but we’re striving for full marks in the next edition.


The Web App (Match 360°) made it super easy to seek out individuals for whom a meeting would be worthwhile for both of us, send the invite and quickly receive a response, as well as track the schedule.
(Digital Health App)
The Hosted Buyer Program provided a structured opportunity to guarantee I made connections that will hopefully lead to a fruitful partnership.
(Healthcare Provider)
Great energy and inspiration. Wide industry opportunities and networking. It was great for getting the pulse on what’s happening in improving healthcare through innovative and transforming systems.
(Care Management Platform)
Best conference I have ever attended! I was able to meet with over 100 people that could potentially bring new solutions to our health system in a very efficient way. This was time very well spent!
(Health System)
The outdoor lawn area of the conference — for taking a quick breather before back to hustling and learning.

Key Takeaways

Some of the important success factors that contributed to (matchmaking) success for the event were: our deep 2-way discussions that allowed us to better understand the intricacies of the program envisioned by the team; the trust and support that was rendered by the organizers (allowing us to work fully in our own element as much as possible); as well as the flexibility of the Match 360° solution to fit various meeting complexities. We’re emboldened by the results and are exploring new cutting-edge ideas with the organizers for future editions — Stay tuned for the next business matching success.

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