How to Retain Attendees Through Post Event Engagement with Digital Platform

The ultimate goal for post event engagement is attendees' retention. While it's not easy, it's not impossible either.

May 19, 2022
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Nurturing Relationship with Your Attendees

Having a robust digital platform does wonders for your events, regardless of the type. One of the biggest advantages it provides is the longer event lifespan and evergreen content, which makes event engagement pre, during, and post-event possible.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax, and let your digital platform work on its own. Digital platform is a tool that will allow you to reach a higher level of your event’s success.

For example, you can start your event engagement before the event itself actually starts. Building the hype to draw attendees’ interest and anticipation, encourage them to register early and allow them to bookmark their meetings, and receive personalized recommendations beforehand.

When the D-day arrives, your attendees can navigate the event conveniently and know what to expect. They can even find the meeting booths easily without worrying they will get lost inside the venue and waste their precious time.

Now, what about post-event? When the bubble is about to pop and the excitement of upcoming events sweeps down the shore, how can you still engage them and make them come back for your next event?

How to Nurture Relationships with Attendees Post Event

The ultimate goal of post-event engagement is attendees’ retention. In the case of yearly events, which most event organizers typically do, it’s a massive success when your attendees are willing to come back for the next round. 

It can be many things: your event left a deep impression on them, and they gained lots of benefits from their attendance, which make them want to come again. 

Nurturing the relationship with attendees is not an easy feat, but not impossible either.

Go beyond practical means

There are various ways you can retain your attendees’ loyalty once your events end. First, you can send thank you emails as you send them off; later on, you can mail them content that they might miss; and keep them connected with many follow-ups and teasers for your upcoming events.

The aforementioned ways are practical and actually not enough. Your digital platform is capable beyond that, and you can utilize it to step up your event engagement game. 

Among attendees with common interests, build a small online community to keep them connected and engaged all year long instead of reaching out to them personally — even though it’s still important to do so.

Digital platform is highly needed, but it can’t work alone

While a digital platform prolongs your event’s lifespan and makes all kinds of engagement possible, you can’t solely depend on it. It can’t work on its own, keeping your attendees’ engaged and making them willing to attend your next event without direct involvement from you as the organizer.

So if you wonder why your attendees' retention is failing despite having the best digital solutions, maybe you depend too much on it, expecting the software to keep conversations between attendees going.

Improve your event value proposition by utilizing the digital platform to enable attendees to access product information, curated content, and networking opportunities. On the other hand, attendees can use this post-event data to extract commitment to your event brand and measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Small but frequent events to build community

According to event industry experts, small but more frequent events with more focused topics and purposes like 1-1 VIP meetings help to keep your attendees engaged post events. It serves as a side dish that complements the lack of entirety of blockbuster annual events.

Through micro-events, you give attendees better networking opportunities that they might miss during their annual event attendance so that they are still able to find the best match for their interests.

As they are continuously engaged in-between annual events, you can familiarize them with your upcoming events and retain them as your recurring attendees.

Plan Your Event With Us!

A digital platform surely brings a lot of benefits to your events. But it’s also important to note that to make it work, manpower remains a requirement. 

With our decade-long experience, Jublia’s best-in-class solutions have proven their adaptability and steadfastness during the global health challenges for over two years, resulting in an even better digital platform that perfectly blends into any type of event.

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