Hybrid Series (Part 4): Roundtable Meetings

Empower your attendees to discuss, negotiate and generate ideas, together

April 29, 2022
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Article actual date: Nov 9, 2021

The sweet spot

There was always an engagement sweet spot between the bustling content sessions and intimate 1:1 meetings — that spot provided a highly-personalized space where a small group of attendees can conducively interact and bounce ideas off each other.

Our newly-released roundtable feature aims to capitalize on that sweet spot and work it in favor of our clients, enabling you to create endless possibilities of inter-attendee engagement, including:

  • Pre/post-session discussions that are centered around specific themes
  • Focused group brainstorms for ideas and insights
  • Collaborative hosted buyer sessions that enable multiple partners to negotiate together
  • Group sharing sessions or interviews where any attendee’s input matters

Beyond the enhanced interactive opportunities, each roundtable session comes with the ability to pre-assign speakers and moderators. Much like the usual panel discussions, speakers consist of topic experts that can kickstart ideas before other participants chime in with more inputs.

Of course, this is facilitated by moderators, who are able to grant speaking rights to any roundtable participant at any time, curating a safe, orderly and conducive discussion environment. Moderators and speakers are also able to enter the roundtables before they commence, effectively creating a green room where they can prep their materials before going live.

Superior controls, more monetization opportunities

Those who are familiar with our Agenda Builder on Content 360° can be pleased to know that roundtables will have the same level of control down to every single detail. Augment your event with roundtable tracks that target specific audiences for focused discussions, or open the floor up for free flowing ideas — the sky’s the limit on how you can configure your roundtable experience.

For organizers looking to enhance their sponsorship benefits: roundtable moderation can be entirely handled by your sponsors, empowering them to direct and curate their own event experiences. This can bring certain groups together and immensely increase their participation value thanks to the high level of control.

Making the event experience, together

We’ve not just stopped at virtual events but instead have evolved this collaborative concept for hybrid events by allowing organizers to let their physical attendees be part of the roundtable through the admin link. We can’t wait to see how organizers can get creative on redefining audience engagement beyond the big stages and small meetings.

Curious on how roundtables can augment your events? Need to learn more about its specific features? Contact us on our LinkedIn or send us an email at info@jublia.com today.

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