Innovations, Improvements, and More to Expect from Jublia in 2023

Starting the new year with new excitement

January 12, 2023
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Into our first decade in the industry, we at Jublia have been experiencing various kinds of weather as we embark on our adventure every single time. The heaviest storm we faced was probably the sharp dive from live to virtual events that happened almost three years ago.

But just like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Two years of arguably the biggest global health challenge namely the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise, at least for us. Not only did we discover our ability to adapt to changes fast, but we also experienced the fastest growth so far, especially in our product department.

Starting fresh in 2023 when the world has almost fully recovered, we couldn’t wait for new opportunities that lie ahead.

A Little Look Back to 2022

We kicked off 2022 with uncertainties threatening our every step. Just like everyone else, we were not sure whether it was safe to gather with a group of people or to travel abroad. We had tasted the bitterness of uncertainty ourselves when one of the events we partnered with, AntwerpXL, had to change its format last minute due to safety concerns.

But as the world was slowly recovering, Jublia then took a stance on the live side — we believe that in-person events were coming back. Entering the second quarter of last year, health regulations were loosened and travel bans were lifted every other day. The live events slowly found back its footing much to the industry’s delight. Despite virtual events had been the hero during the hard times, one simply couldn’t deny that experiencing an event in person remained irreplaceable.

Last year has also been the busiest year for us with a series of major product releases kicking off in the second half. Starting with Jublia App 3.0, Jublia Scan, Public Hub, and most recently Jublia AI Maps

Strengthening Our Footing in the Coming Year

End-to-end engagement hub for events

We are rapidly growing as an engagement hub and we will continue to improve ourselves to get the most out of every engagement touchpoint for each stakeholder in every event. Therefore, we are making sure that all features in our hub are interconnected to get a true end-to-end engagement experience. 

Like setting up meetings and locating the meeting venue on the AI Maps which is just a click away, or a multi-channel unified user experience through both web and the event app. You can also explore smart lead generation that lets your audience and scanners unveil the information, interest, and intent of the other parties.

We will make sure that your event data tells a great story from the first chapter up to the beautiful ending from a single engagement source of truth. So that you can gather the right information and use it for all your future event needs.

Refining our DigitaLIVE recipes

Ever since the second quarter of last year, we have introduced DigitaLIVE as our main framework to navigate our way through the industry post-pandemic. We believed that digital tools are not the cherry on top for live events, but play a bigger role in enhancing the event experience which eventually results in good engagement.

Fast forward to almost a year later, we still adjust and improve ourselves to meet the growing needs of MICE industry to create better events that bring satisfaction to all stakeholders involved. We may have had our biggest releases in the second half of last year, but it doesn't mean we're stopping there.

With the experience and knowledge we have collected for a decade in the industry – along with all the ups and downs, we'll continue to use it as ingredients to cook the best digital solutions for all types of events.

A greener world through digital solutions

Sustainability is a broad spectrum that is almost impossible for us to reach every nook and corner of it. However, by harnessing our specialties in developing digital solutions for events, we strive to contribute more at the maximum possibility to create greener events.

Beyond maximizing the ROI and increasing the events’ physicality, digital solutions developed and provided by Jublia currently reduce excessive usage of paper and printed assets, bringing us closer to a greener world.

Integration with anyone, anywhere, anytime

We have worked hand-in-hand with various partners in 2022 and we plan to partner more in 2023. We will always strive our best to gain your trust and make sure you, your attendees, and every single stakeholder get the best out of your events instead of struggling with vendor integrations. So prepare yourself for more collaborations and partnerships resulting in seamless integrations and cost-effective solutions from us!

Talk with Us!

We are excited about 2023 and what it has in store for us. What about you? How’s your event planning going? We’d like to hear more about it and see how we can help you reach a higher level of success for your events this year.

Drop a note to and our Solutions Specialists will reach out to you. On our side, we will keep surprising you with more innovations and improvements in the future, so make sure to keep up by following us on LinkedIn today!

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