Is AI Really Going to Take Over the Event Industry?

An insider’s answer from an AI-centered engagement hub

March 23, 2023
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Amidst the hype of ChatGPT3 (and 4 incoming!), the intrigued audience amongst us now have a deeper appreciation of other tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, a new IDC report shows that the worldwide spending in the AI market is set to grow 19.6% year-over-year in 2022 to $432.8 billion, working its way to breaching the $500 billion mark by 2023.

While people are excited about how these new capabilities could simplify even the most complex things pretty easily, people are starting to worry that their job would be at risk – and the event industry is no different. With intelligent tools that can create a more seamless event experience for all, it leaves us with a burning question: will the industry stop needing the human touch as it evolves to fully automated events in the near future?

Does it Really Know it All?

As someone from literally inside the AI circles, you’d expect us to overly promote it like a magic pill, because why not? Companies within our industry have (overly) promoted it in benefit to their marketing and sales, until things are implemented and it doesn't seem as rosy as it sounds.

Fundamentally, an AI-powered tool also needs to be trained, checked, and validated by humans. For example, we asked ChatGPT if it knows Jublia, but we had to ask 3 times until it gave the right answer about our engagement hub because it was convinced that we are asking about a type of medication with the same name, but it’s just not the answer we are looking for.

There will be more questions like this with more answers that we did not expect. that is why the perfect human and AI dynamic is needed, as we can't rely purely on AI alone

A Peek at the True Capability of Human and AI Collaboration

To know more about how the AI mind works, let's ask them ourselves. Here’s what ChatGPT answered:

In short, AI is a tool to help you gather, process and summarize information to get the answer you are looking for, but what you make of it relies entirely on you. Because AI should enhance and empower any work that you do, not replace it. 

Hence, it is important to design and train AI-powered tools for specific reasons, conditions, and unbiased data sets to gain valuable information that you need to create the best results.

For example, if you're an organizer looking to skyrocket your event engagement experience, an AI system is helpful to help you learn about the interactions that happen throughout your event. This will help you bring valuable information to a stakeholder (be it your matchmaking staff, users or even yourself) to create the best engagement outcomes. This is what the Jublia Engagement Hub is built for.

It is carefully designed to ingest data from different engagement touchpoints, and deliver stakeholders the most valuable insights to help gather the leads with the aim to create the most fantastic event attendance experience.

With all the hype about AI, it is easy to get the impression that AI will do all the jobs for us. Perhaps in the far-flung future, but for now, us humans take on an even more important role. Ironic? Not really! Let us explain. 

The Human Touch to the Robotic Hand

Most things we do with AI are meant to drive the human experience. We can take a leaf from our own industry where the ultimate goal every planner would like to achieve is to provide a fulfilling event experience for others. Removing the human touch in any part of the event planning process would basically remove the essence of the event itself.

In events, Jublia uses the data gathered to create active engagement campaigns and drive engagement awareness or adoption to achieve better results. We can convert this data into actionable outputs like insights, recommendations, management, and leads generation.

  • AI and insights: Using AI-driven insights on how attendees interact with each other. This is so our customer success team can work efficiently with clients to  send relevant targeted emails based on the attendees’ personal event engagement experience
  • AI and recommendations: RevRank AI can do the time-consuming sourcing work for attendees by recommending them potential leads and content to interact with that is aligned to their needs and preferences.
  • AI and event management: Our AI Maps can create a hassle-free event management process and transform your static map into a real-time interactive and customizable map for all to enjoy.
  • AI and lead generation: Jublia Scan, our intelligent lead scanner can automate lead temperature and fast-track the lead generation process. 

Now that you’ve seen the potential of this human and AI collaboration, rather than fearing its capabilities can exceed yours, you learn to live with it, grow with it, and take advantage of the many new opened doors of possibilities you get to go through.

Empower Your Events With Our Very Own Wall-E

The capability of AIs for all kinds of things, including events, is ever-growing and evolving – and we’re evolving with them to empower the human touch. With us constantly pushing new innovations to gather leads and valuable content from your attendees intelligently, you’ll be able to create a seamless event experience for everyone in no time with Jublia.

Are you ready to try it out? Speak to our Solution Specialists or follow our LinkedIn to find out more about how we can help. We promise, our AIs are more like Wall-E, they will just bleep and blorp and assist you with their best along your journey. They won’t try to dominate the world – not yet at least (we’re kidding).

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