Jublia sponsors PyCon Indonesia 2018

April 24, 2022
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Article actual date: Nov 2, 2018

Our next step in doing our humble part for the Python community in our region, we are sponsoring the upcoming conference happening in Jakarta. Our CTO and Ops Engineer will also be taking the stage on Sunday, Session 2 Track 1, 4th Nov at 11:10am, speaking on the topic of :

From Zero to Hero for Managing your Servers

What if we told you that you can configure your servers, release code, control access, do concurrent development and much more with a few commands. Introducing the bastion-satellite server arrangement, proudly built with Python, to make devops a piece of cake!

Having good devops practices is important for product stability, but many a times the tools out there may not serve the right fit to what you are looking for. Moreover, there is a lot of emphasis on server provisioning and CI / CD, but very little on server access and collaboration. The problem arises when you have to manually manage your server environment, such as setting up every developer’s public key into each server, maintaining the developer’s permissions on each instance and always keeping it up-to-date in case people leave and old projects finish. This poses a security risk for your organization, and we didn’t find a good devops tool which solves our problems and can be customised to our infrastructure, until now.

Our CTO also previously spoke at PyCon APAC 2018. If you are interested in our previous participation, view more here.

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