Jublian of the Month: Fahmi Fauzi

Meet Fahmi Fauzi: our Indonesian tech enthusiast, tinkerer and pioneer of the Content 360° Team!

April 28, 2022
What's up at Jublia

Article actual date: Aug 16, 2021

It’s August 2018.

Jublia had just finished exhibiting at the Singapore MICE Forum 2018, where we showcased new integrations between Match 360°, our business matching function, and the Fully Branded Event App.

Things were looking great for Jublia. However, demand for our solutions was ramping up fast, and we needed skilled individuals who were able to adapt, understand and deliver.

That need was answered shortly after, as Fahmi had started his journey with Jublia.

Humble Beginnings

With an extensive background in hardware, Fahmi might’ve thought that he was just changing it up and trying out software development back then. Little did he know that he, alongside a small huddle of engineers, had sown the seeds that grew into the tech powerhouse we have today.

While the end result may strike awe in many, Fahmi’s arduous journey is just as impressive and inspiring. He reminiscences about the times when the Content Team was starting out, and everything was everyone’s responsibility:

“The tech team had a humble beginning. With a few core members in the team, we started off jumbling various duties between each other; from diagnostic work to project planning and even people management, it was a truly dynamic and fruitful learning experience and I’m glad that I had grown alongside Jublia’s tech team.”

Fahmi and Goliath: Taking on Great Challenges

Amongst the countless projects that Fahmi had undertaken, the one that held a place in his heart was the development of video meeting capabilities for Match 360°, which we distinguished as Match Virtual back then.

Even before the pandemic peaked, live events across the globe were already being postponed indefinitely due to the unpredictable climate. Organisers were searching high and low for solutions, and Jublia was hard-pressed to develop one. Fahmi, alongside two other fellow developers, stepped up and took on the monumental task of creating an answer from scratch. He recalled on how they had to pivot and adapt with the little amount of time available:

“Our main products we had back then were Match 360° and Native Event App. So some of us had to come together, pool our resources and devise a fast but effective solution, and we did! After crunching day and night for two weeks, we had managed to create a whole working platform from thin air. Looking back now, what we achieved in those few weeks was definitely something that I’ll remember for a long time.”

Shortly after its completion, the collaborative efforts of Fahmi and team went through trials by fire: large scale events were scheduled back-to-back, each having their own spin of the newly-developed platform. One particular event even peaked at over 300,000 visitors in total!

Fahmi and the gang at SWITCH Singapore

This platform was a significant milestone not only for Jublia, but for Fahmi as well; much was learnt throughout the bountiful journey, yet the future still holds more opportunities especially with hybrid formats.

Gearing Up for Live

As the world progressively recovers from the COVID slump. Fahmi eagerly anticipates the near and possibly-hybrid future, albeit in a different perspective. With extensive experience developing applications for both live and virtual usage, Fahmi notes that there isn’t much of a difference in technical aspects. Instead, he looks out for new user flows and processes as hybrid has the potential to unearth new engagement opportunities that existed previously.

Beyond that, Fahmi’s optimism also stems from the resumption of normalcy; travelling & sports made up a big part of Fahmi’s life, so it would be liberating for him to experience his hobbies with no restrictions in the newer normal.

Code, Computer Chips & Crops: It’s all the Same

Beyond his current software-oriented role as Content 360° Lead, Fahmi heavily dabbles on the hardware side as well. From fabricating PCB designs to soldering the last ICs, diodes and resistors, his interest in electronics grows deep till the point that he previously co-founded his own startup based on it!

During the height of the pandemic, Fahmi took up horticulture to make the best of his time at home. The natural tinkerer in him, however, crept up and incorporated his interest in electronics on the field, devising a whole hydroponic farming system that gave him a bountiful harvest for months to come.

A bountifl allotment thanks to Fahmi’s hydroponic systems!

Don’t focus too much on the present, but think about what you can fulfill in the future.

Fahmi’s personal take on life involves forward thinking, lots of it. He sets his sights on a defined goal in the future and plans out elaborate approaches to achieve them. Of course, the future only holds uncertainty where plans will face changes, but the ever-adaptive Fahmi marches on, unfazed & determined.

For those that are keen to join us…

With the recent conclusion of GlintsX Career Week, I asked Fahmi for some pointers that would aid Jublians-to-be and here’s what I have:

“While some of our positions require good foundations in Python/VueJS, we’re open to other builders and thinkers wearing the hats of software engineers. We like people who dare to learn and go beyond their comfort zone and are able to think quickly on their feet. So as long as you have the motivation, just hit us up at Jublia and we’ll sort the rest for you!”

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