Jublian of the Month: Sherlly Septiani

This month, we feature Sherlly Septiani, Jublia’s Customer Success Lead based in Indonesia!

April 28, 2022
What's up at Jublia

Article actual date: Jul 2, 2021

Gastronome, gym enthusiast, globetrotter — Sherlly is undoubtedly our resident multipotentialite. Read on for more about this multi-faceted Jublian!

Sherlly in Jublia: How the Journey Began

As an avid tech enthusiast with a hunger for new knowledge and experiences, Sherlly was on a quest to find a new career calling back in 2015. Little did she know, what started off as a casual coffee catch up with a friend, turned into an opportunity that has been growing for the last 6 years and counting. Sherlly continues to outdo herself year after year as a leader in the fascinating world of event technologies. We are extremely glad and grateful to have her.

From Lone Tigress to Leader of the Pride

Sherlly first joined Jublia as one of the newest members of a team tasked to develop the Customer Success department. She has seen Jublia through growing pains and relishes in getting her hands dirty in the trenches with her teammates for every project that we partner.

To date, she has earned the trust and privilege to be working closely and alongside some of the industry’s biggest and most prominent clients such as Reed Exhibitions, Informa and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. When asked about a defining moment, Sherlly fondly recollects a time during when she was assisting multi-county projects across multiple time zones from Australia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

It is safe to say that through these experiences, she has learnt the art of prioritisation. Humble as always, Sherlly never fails to mention that team support is the biggest factor to her overcoming the most challenging obstacles that she has faced.

“During the heaviest project periods of client engagement, the encouragement and support from the entire Jublia Team empowers me. My success is resultant of my faith in knowing that they always have my back.”

Sherlly has been pushed out of her comfort zone where she used to operate as a lone tigress on the hunt. In the span of her tenure she has grown the department to a level where our customers are assured of a user satisfaction at the highest level through data-backed service excellence processes, project management and relationship building. Currently she assists our Head of Customer Success, managing a team of over 10 managers stationed strategically across the globe to service our international clientele.

Ready for Virtual. More Ready for Hybrid

As the events world gradually comes to term with new organising formats, Sherlly feels very optimistic about the return of hybrid and in-person events. To her, this means more traveling opportunities that would allow her to meet clients face-to-face and to once again immerse herself into the full sensory experience of what events are all about. What she looks forward to the most is that intimate face time she had with past clients.

“We cannot deny that basic human interactions cannot and will not ever be replaced by virtual replacements. In this new normalcy, we will see an increasing uptake of hybrid event formats of all kinds. Already, I’m consulting clients on the best combination of virtual and in-person components for International and local attendees respectively. All accompanied by the proper pandemic safety measures of course. Moving forward as more of us get vaccinated, I am positive that in-person events will soon return. China has been a prime example where they have been the first country to be able to organise mega events that are fully in-person.”

There’s Something about Sherlly :)

Before the pandemic, one would always be able to spot Sherlly at the local gym pumping iron and working up a sweat. Our spartan has since changed her fitness routine. She has recently discovered a newfound love — long nature walks. Her latest routine to stay active while avoiding the work-from-home cabin fever.

Sherlly is also a spirited cafe-hopper and casual epicure. She enjoys a midday iced latte as much as her Friday night glass of red wine. Her gastronomic journey takes her to many places, as does her role in Jublia pre-pandemic. Sherlly loves to travel and especially takes pleasure in travel opportunities where she kills two birds with one stone — overseas event appointments where there’s work, and also fun!

Photo: Cafe shot! by Sherlly Septiani

Having grown and excelled in her role, Sherlly proudly adds Event Tech Expert to her credentials. Looking back on how she began, our entire team is elated and encouraged to have witnessed the blossoming of one of our very own. We look forward to continually growing together with this fine young lady!

Jublia onsite support in Hong Kong, 2019

Sherlly shares that her time at Jublia thus far has been filled with compassion and kindness, qualities that she firmly believes in. Ending off, she leaves us with her guiding motto.

“Be kind and go the extra mile, because people may forget what you’ve said or done, but they will always remember how you’ve made them feel.”

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