Jublia's 1st Half of 2022 Roundup

A summary of Jublia’s journey in the first semester of the year.

July 6, 2022
What's up at Jublia

In the blink of an eye, we have arrived at the first half of 2022. So much has happened over the past six months, and all of those changes are not ones we could take for granted. 

For the event industry, in particular, this year marks the return of live events, which had gone into hiatus for two years. As the wave of excitement of onsite meetings surges in, so do the challenges

Returning back onsite after being so well-adapted to everything virtual poses underlying challenges which need to be mitigated and addressed. Being in the industry for almost a decade, Jublia has foreseen it, and right from the beginning of the year, we have made several notable improvements. 

Let’s walk down memory lane to revisit the notable improvements that we have made throughout the first semester of 2022.

Enhanced Data Journey Through Connected Analytics

Jublia's Connected Analytics Illustration

Jublia kickstarted the year by releasing two major updates to show our commitment to catering to the ever-growing needs of the MICE industry and its evolving trends.

The first one was Connected Analytics, a complete engagement journey that allows organizers to analyze their event data through a story-telling approach.

The enhanced engagement journey involves three sequential steps: interaction, opportunity, and realization. We add submenus under each category for a smoother data flow.

The second one was the evolution of Meetings into Conversation, encapsulated by three different entities: Product, Company, and People. All those data were expected to help organizers to better facilitate matchmaking and spark multifaceted conversations around each entity type, digitally or live, in groups or individually.

Going Back Onsite!

Onsite Deployment to Assist Our Clients Firsthand

This year, the world finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel after two years of restrictions. Thus, many events are returning live and we are elated to have been taking part in various events from the beginning of 2022!

We have powered great events such as Singapore Airshow, Dubai International Boat Show, Singapore International Water Week, and many more with our best-in-class solutions.

Jublia will continue to empower live events by continuously improving our digital technology to successfully DigitaLIVE your event journey.

Jublia Embarked on a Career Fair Adventure

Web Platform for SUSS E-Career Fair

Jublia never knows how to stop improving. We came to learn that matchmaking turned out to be the main driving force behind career fair events, and we started to adapt our solutions to back our new endeavor.

Through the 2022 SUSS E-Career Fair, we once again proved that our enhanced digital solutions could add more value to an event. Going beyond the usual job posting and resume depository function, the virtual career fair also leveraged some platform functionalities such as:

  • Simple and seamless registration
  • Live chats and real-time video interactions
  • Virtual Employer Sharing Sessions
  • AI-powered Profiles and Role Recommendations and Matching

This was surely the first of many more career fairs to come, powered by Jublia.

Jublia App 3.0 Release

Enhanced Features on Jublia App 3.0

This month our engineers released the newly revamped native app, namely Jublia App 3.0 to wrap up the halftime nicely. The app allows attendees to plan for their event day in advance, for a maximized, efficient, and productive event attendance. 

The app is equipped with several advanced features like Agenda Recommendation, Interactive Floorplan, Offline Mode, In-app Messaging, and 1-1 Meeting to name a few. 

We Are Not Stopping Here!

The year 2022 was kicked off on a positive note and Jublia has successfully made remarkable progress. However, we’re not stopping here. We are currently brewing something big that will unfold in the second half of the year.

With a “human-first, feature second” mindset in mind, we craft our solutions delicately to bring a more humane side to your event by catering to your attendees’ unique needs. Please look forward to what we have in store by following our LinkedIn page or dropping a message at info@jublia.com to discuss the best solutions that suit your events’ needs.

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