Jublia's Business Development Team Evolves Into Solution Specialists

Unfolding the story behind the change…

August 23, 2022
What's up at Jublia

“Continue to find ways to improve and put clients needs first above ours,” that's the mantra our Business Development heroes live by. With that in mind, our BD team has recently changed its name to Solutions Specialists. However, there is more than just what is seen on the surface — the motivation behind the change, future expectation, and how it affects our client.

Our COO, Errol Lim, was more than willing to give a deeper insight into the matter!

Transcending Beyond Transactional Relationship

Time is changing, and we cannot stay the same. The event industry is no different. Especially with the ever-changing trends, and how it has changed to be more dynamic and multi-formatted. Thus, Jublia’s Solution Specialists serve to be experts in event technology, which ensures the special needs of each of our clients are taken into account to craft the best solutions that bring their event to success.

The genuine intention turned out to be the biggest motivation behind the evolution from Business Development to Solution Specialists. That being said, Jublia also wishes to create more than just business-like relationships with our clients.

“A genuine interest in helping our client events succeed, coupled with superior industry knowledge goes beyond a typical vendor-client transactional relationship.” - Errol Lim, COO

Two Different Specialists to Cater to Different Needs

Jublia’s Business Development team is now divided into two sub-teams: Solution Specialists and Engagement Specialists. Our Solution Specialists are responsible for maintaining close contact with clients and assisting them through the event planning. They also collaborate with all of both Jublia and the clients' departments to ensure the longevity of the partnership.

Whereas Engagement Specialists, according to Errol, is a representative who specializes in creating and managing outbound campaigns. They are responsible internally to develop strategies to help achieve the business goals of the company.

Positive Feedback that Becomes the Icing on the Cake

The change isn’t a revolutionary one, which means that there’s no major shift in terms of the team’s roles, be it within the company or to clients. The new name is meant to augment the mindset and team’s position to be more consultative and to promote a higher level of thought leadership.

It receives positive feedback from the client’s end, much to our delight. Our Solutions Specialists are more than happy with the increasing willingness to share the challenges they faced, which eventually helps us to navigate the new paradigm of event planning.

In the long run, Errol expects an increased level of trust in Jublia’s expertise in the domain, starting from the first touchpoint between us and clients, that is the Solution Specialists. 

Talk to Our Solution Specialists!

Our Solution Specialists are experts in their fields who are always ready to listen to your ideas for a great event and find a way together to make it come true. We will assist you throughout the journey, face and tackle the challenges together, as well as craft the most suitable solutions for your event format.

Talk to our Solutions Specialists by dropping a message to info@jublia.com today!

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