Keep Them Coming Back For More: The Importance of Attendee Retention

Cultivate a lasting relationship with your attendees with these tips

February 23, 2023
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Preparing for an event isn’t always about picking the right venue or defining a rundown. In fact, an event wouldn’t be running at all if it wasn’t for the attendees . That’s why one of the most important aspects of preparing an event is to attract new attendees.

However, we may not realize the potential that we have that is right under our noses: recalling back past attendees. So, how important is it to recall this loyal audience and how do we keep coming back for more? Let’s dive into the article!

Why Should We Recall Our Past Audience?

Fresh eyes are indeed easier to impress, that’s why we take a lot of time, effort, and money to attract new audiences and convert them into new attendees. However, attracting new attendees requires a rather lengthy process with a lot of time, effort, resources, and of course, money involved. From the event promotion itself and making sure it reaches the right targets, to creating compelling ads that can attract more people too, and so much more.

Sometimes it can be well worth it, with the rise in attendance rates and new audience reach. But what you may not realize is the potential to grow your events by converting past attendees, who are already familiar with what you have in store. One of the satisfaction metrics that doesn't exist in the book is when your exhibitors and attendees are eager for your next event.!

Not only would reaching out to people that are already in your database would help you save more of your budget, it will also be a great opportunity for you to build your very own loyal audience or community.

It’s Impossible Without Data, Data, Data 

After the success of your event and the curtains close, you come home still with all the excitement, a full heart, and a mine full of treasure: valuable event data. Those data are more than just numbers and summaries, but a great power for your future events.

They contain all the footprints that your audience made in the event: business matchings, number of meetings, lead generations, and many more.. Then you can rework them into some great eye-catching marketing materials for your next events. They can also support you to analyze the engagement tendencies of your attendees that would help you arrange your data-powered post-event engagement strategies.

Only a reliable event tech partner will be capable of providing you with holistic event data, like Jublia Engagement Hub, where you can collect all of your event data throughout its lifecycle.

We Made Sure We Listened

As mentioned briefly before, one crucial data to collect is feedback from your attendees as part of your post-event engagement. From this, you can learn how to improve in your next events. Well, a great way to recall back your past attendees is showing them that you actually listen to them and that you will make their advice a reality in your next event.

Even better, send them a specifically segmented and personalized promotional email that shows how much you improved in your next event based on their feedback. For these new events, be sure to promise a new and improved experience to prove to your loyal attendees that you’re just loyal to them to make a stronger connection between your company and them.

You can also read into more of their behavior to create a better experience for everyone through analyzing various engagement metrics provided from your event tech.

Surprises Up Our Sleeves

You’re not repeating the same event twice - so we have to make sure the audience knows that. Not only did you use their feedback to improve your event experience, but you also need to keep them excited by teasing them about the surprises you have in store based on their interests that you have well-recorded. Like new types of content, more exciting booths, other kinds of helpful features that will give them a better event experience and so much more! While you’re at it, you can even mention that there are limited offers or meetings specifically meant for loyal attendees, that way they will feel more special.

Lastly, don’t forget to showcase what they loved in your previous event to remind them that there are some familiar things that they’ll get to experience again. Such as popular activities or well-liked key speakers. This will likely be the final hook they need to attend your upcoming event.

Never Lose Contact: The Importance of Post-Engagement

Your event may be over, but it’s where post-event engagement starts. You can nurture your relationship with them through different channels to create a safe space for your attendees to share and continue to engage with you and a whole community of like-minded people. You’re free to choose to put everything on your social media pages or send them through email marketing campaigns. Just remember that as long as you do it consistently, it will likely keep your attendees interested in your future plans. 

Personalized Communication and Rewards

Like the staff of your favorite cafe remembering your name and usual order, your retained attendees would love to hear from you personally. After all, we really do appreciate their loyalty for coming back to your events. That’s why personalized communication would double the chances for them to attend more of your events.

With the help of previous event data, you’ll be more familiar with what they like and what they do not like. This will help a lot when you’re reaching out to them personally through segmented emails or channels. Include content that they would want to see and everything else they would be interested in. Better yet, try and offer special offers or exclusive treatments just for these retained attendees to show them how special they truly are. After all, they are your friends!

Equip the Right Tools for the Right Audience

Seeing how important previous event performance, feedback, and engagement is to empower your next events, make sure you have the right tools for you to get the best analytics and information you need about your audience and events.

As a tech provider with a decade of experience powering all kinds of events with our engagement hub, we understand deeply the need to gather the right information to learn from our past events and create a new and improved experience for our attendees – and we might have the solutions just for you!

Need help with your future events? Our solution specialists would be more than happy to discuss the endless possibilities with you. Contact us at or follow our LinkedIn to find out more on how we can help.

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