Leveraging Your Event Data for a More Fruitful Sponsor Hunt

Event data is more than just numbers, it can do wonders…

October 12, 2022
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Most organizers will agree that finding sponsorships is the ultimate challenge during event planning. Finding a sponsor to fund your event doesn’t mean randomly sending out your proposals to any company you feel fits in.

For sure you should be able to identify which company holds the same value as your events and is among the stakeholders of the industry you are in. From there on, you just have to take the next big step: leveraging your data to pitch to them.

Data is more than just mere numbers. It may be at first, but once you analyze your event data and translate it into results, it becomes very powerful. In fact, data can be your weapon as you enter the sponsorship battlefield.

How to Leverage Your Data During Sponsor Hunt

Words could lie, but numbers could never do. That’s why people tend to believe in data more than a groundless sales pitch. Revolving your sponsorship proposal around the event data will make the job easier for you.

Data as the “wow” factor in your proposal

Remember that you are not the only one pitching for sponsorship. That being said, the sponsorship hunt is no different from the job hunt. When there are so many applications received, what will a company look after the most?

Your proposal has to stand out among others. Give them absolute reasons why they should sponsor your event. This is where your data will play its role: as the wow factor that will trigger the interest from the company to know more about your event.

Scroll down to the next part of the article to find out how to present more than just generalized data to your prospects.

Know your data well

Companies are no strangers to data. In fact, they read data almost every day. Therefore, it’s important to filter what kind of valuable data you will present to them. The truth is all event data that you consider valuable also helps to measure the impact of their sponsorship as well as how to follow up with their prospects.

On your end, collecting data will be a less tiring task if your event data is stored in a well-integrated hub that displays your data in a story-telling format that helps you understand it better. In turn, it is easier for you to deliver the data to others as well.

Having a full-stack engagement hub will provide you with all the necessary tools and features that enable you to access all kinds of valuable data you need for the sponsor hunt.

Juicing up the relevance for your sponsors

Don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that almost every sponsor will definitely expect financial returns. It’s your job to cater and it’s not impossible to show them what they can get out of their investment. If you have run the same event before, the data will speak for itself.

Selecting which data to present to your sponsors is crucial, as it will determine whether their sponsorship is worth it or not — especially to your old sponsors. A set of basic data worth sharing includes:

  • Job demographics of the crowds
  • The number of event check-ins vs registered attendees
  • What industries account for the top 25% of the attendance
  • Gross revenue from promotion

Brand awareness, exposure on social media, and visual promotion on the event platform are a given for any sponsorship collaboration. However, what makes you different is when you can give beyond that. Take the extra mile to present more personalized stats that cater to your sponsors’ needs.

A set of engagement metrics will make a better proposal to your prospects, such as

  • Search trends. Explain which industry and/or category is a trending search in your previous events.
  • Engagement rate. A high engagement for exhibitors rates is a positive signal for sponsors.
  • Session engagement. Presenting the most favorited and attended sessions that are relevant to your sponsors.

Talk with Us!

Event data is evergreen, it even outlives the event itself. It takes you beyond the success of your event and stays as a comrade in your future event planning. On that account, partnering with a tech provider that can facilitate you with robust digital solutions is the first defining step you must take.

Jublia’s full-stack engagement hub is ready to cater to your event needs, providing you with a solution that operates across every audience touchpoint within one unified platform experience.

Interested in knowing more about our engagement hub and how it can empower your event? Drop us a line at info@jublia.com and our Solution Specialists will come in handy to assist you. Stay tuned for our future updates by following us on LinkedIn today!

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