Making Your Event Features Work: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption

A deeper take on how to boost feature adoption rate in your events

April 27, 2023
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Equipping your event with the latest digital technologies is one thing, but how your stakeholders adopt them is another. This is why the feature adoption rate is often included in the metrics to define an event’s success, as it speaks the truth of whether all of the features in the event are truly beneficial at the end of the day.

Every event organizer probably has different measures of successful adoption rate. Some may consider the percentage of users who have adopted the product or feature as a good measure, while others may focus on the frequency of daily usage to determine the success of the adoption rate.

Therefore, it is safe to say that users must take action to fully adopt a product, and it’s the perceived value that motivates them to do so. Here are several ways organizers can use to boost the feature adoption for the events.

Provide a heads-up in the welcome email

How can you drive feature adoption among your event’s end users (namely exhibitors, keynote speakers, attendees, etc.) when they may not be fully aware of what features are available to them?

The key is to proactively educate your users on what your event has to offer and how to maximize their potential benefits at different stages of the event. A welcome email can serve as a powerful tool in accomplishing this, as it not only provides login information but also guides users on how to prepare for their event experience and what to expect. By clearly explaining the available features and how to access them, you can help users fully embrace your event and its offerings.

Gather related content to deliver value to users 

When it comes to educating users about event features, a few welcome email paragraphs won’t cut it. Gathering relevant content that can explicitly explain the digital features of your event will help to deliver the values to users and help them understand how it can be beneficial for them.

At Jublia, for example, we take this seriously by creating a number of feature walkthroughs and introductions to explain in detail about how organizers can help their users. Some of our partners even go above and beyond by generating their own content, such as a video on how the attendees can leverage the smart interactive floorplan and a comprehensive guide on maximizing the event app. By providing valuable resources, adoption rates for both features and platforms can soar.

Leverage the FOMO

While FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can have negative connotations, it can also be harnessed as an effective tool to drive feature adoption in your event. By highlighting the unique benefits and scarcity of certain features, users may feel a sense of urgency to learn how to use them.

For example, Jublia’s Maps on Web, a tool that assists attendees in locating companies’ booths and meeting spots. With the help of this tool, attendees can easily identify where their agenda is scheduled in advance, ultimately saving them a significant amount of time and energy when navigating between different locations.

Once they realize how essential they are, they will voluntarily conclude that, “I won’t be able to sort my leads data if I don’t know how the lead scanner works” or “I will be spending more time finding my meeting locations if I don’t understand how to leverage the AI maps.” 

That’s why organic content matters, as it will help users to overcome the FOMO and indulge in their curiosity about the features.

Re-engage users with segmented emails

Once your event platform is live and your features are fully functional, it's essential to monitor user behavior in real time. This means tracking how your stakeholders interact with the platform and using the features, such as scheduling meetings or bookmarking agendas.

By analyzing their behavior before the event, you can identify any areas where certain features are being underutilized. Once you've identified these areas, you can send personalized messages to encourage users to take advantage of them. For example, you might remind them of the benefits of scheduling meetings in advance or provide a direct link to access a particular feature. These efforts can help increase the adoption rate of your event's features and drive overall engagement.

According to HubSpot Blog Research, message personalization took second place as the most effective strategy for email marketing campaigns, which means it can gain more attention from the recipients.

Provide a fast-response and easy-to-access help desk

The hard work of ensuring a successful event doesn’t stop at pre-event preparations but continues throughout the event days. In addition to providing a seamless on-site experience, it's essential to prioritize technical support as well. To achieve this, consider setting up a help desk with a trained team of professionals who can provide on-the-spot assistance and address any technical issues related to the digital tools and features. This proactive approach not only ensures a smooth event experience but also boosts feature adoption and user satisfaction.

Bonus: Solicit user feedback

User feedback is crucial for the success of any event platform. Without it, it's impossible to know if your digital tools and features are meeting the needs of your attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. By collecting user feedback throughout the event, you can identify which features are popular and which ones need improvement. This data can be used to optimize your platform and enhance the user experience.

Plan Your Events with Us!

Putting blood, sweat, and tears into equipping your event with robust digital solutions is not enough without prioritizing user adoption. It’s the right approach to ensure that all of your event stakeholders will be able to achieve their goals through your event. Together with other best-in-class solutions, Jublia aims to help you boost the feature adoption in your event platform to create an unforgettable experience for them. Talk to our Solutions Specialists to know more about it by dropping a message to and following our LinkedIn today to keep up with our future updates!

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