Navigating Event Trends in 2022 — How to Tackle the Challenges?

Under the ever-changing, unpredictable circumstances today, we never know what tomorrow holds… but we can always prepare for it!

April 29, 2022
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Article actual date: Feb 18, 2022

Neverending uncertainties surrounding the event industries for the past two years force us to evolve and adapt in various ways, perhaps including ones we never expected before. Through trials and errors, there are many important lessons to be learned, which prepare us to step toward the future.

Yes, we have come a long way. And 2022 is not less challenging than the previous years. Facing yet another volatile period, we have to be more prepared and smarter in navigating the future.

Emerging Trends in Event Industries for 2022

Many event industries experts have long talked about the emerging trends of the event industry in 2022. Here we summarize them for you.

The future of hybrid

Hybrid is here to stay. Taking only the best elements of on-site and virtual events, hybrid opens up a new possibility where organizers can achieve inclusivity and engagement by overcoming physical boundaries and constant improvement in technology. Hence, proving that hybrid is not only a temporary solution during the pandemic. It actually emphasizes the event scale, widens the audience reach, and offers better engagement which lasts for a long time, starting before the events and continuing post events.

Thus being said, the need for omnichannel engagement is undeniable. In creating either hybrid or virtual events, organizers have to ensure their capabilities to deliver evergreen content which are not bound by time and is highly accessible online. As conversations are possibly sparked in various ways and happen through many different channels, unification across platforms is also important.

Engagement becomes an ultimate goal

AI and digital platforms remain the backbone of the events industry in the near future. Either on-site or virtual, engagement becomes the decisive point to leverage attendees’ participation in an event.

Organizers need to make sure that virtual attendees can have analogous experiences in comparison to the live audiences who attend the event physically. Prolonged interaction before, during, and after the event can help in achieving this goal.

We are also expected to stretch beyond the roundtable Q&A session by harnessing all the available digital tools in the event platform for a more immersive experience where audiences get the intimate, authentic workshop feeling from the event.

Thankfully, the evolvement of event technology allows organizers to nurture their relationship with the audiences and stay connected even when the event has been long ended.

A new staple named “Micro Events”

Align with the importance of engagement, a big-scale, annual event could lack the entirety of it. This is why organizers are looking into creating smaller, but more frequent events with more focused topics and purposes (e.g. 1–1 VIP meetings only) outside of their main blockbuster annual event.

The smaller and more intimate events facilitate attendees not only to leverage their participation but give them better networking opportunities, emphasizing their chances to find the best match in every event they are attending.

The role of technology

The events industry is set for a digitally powered future. In 2022, to deliver a high-quality experience, organizers should be able to provide a robust technology platform to create a genuine value for their events.

Technology is the answer to cater to the industry’s needs for the upcoming years. Be it the long-year engagement, virtual experiences equal to the live ones, and the perfect matchmaking for attendees — a stable and adaptable platform should be on the top list of priorities.

Sailing Through the Sea of Uncertainties

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with.” — John Allen Paulos

Recognizing only the trends and possible issues that we may encounter during event planning in 2022 and possibly beyond is not enough, we must also know how to tackle them.

Last-minute changes are no stranger

If we are to say the most valuable lesson the pandemic taught us is that the above quote can never be truer. As the world is adapting at different paces, there can be changes at any time. So be prepared with certain measures to prevent your event from cancellation. Don’t just have plan B — prepare for plan C and D if need be.

Predicaments often come unnoticed, so mitigating the risks prior to the event and mapping all possible changes and issues that may come are no longer an option — it’s a necessity.

Although some have fully opened and many restrictions have been lifted, it doesn’t mean we can relax and sit back: remember that people have found comfort in interacting virtually, which requires organizers to ensure that, either virtual or on-site, attendees can get the most out of every event.

Flexibility and adaptability are all we need

As the circumstances tend to change at any minute, we need to be more flexible and adaptable. Even if we have to make a radical change to the events during a short period of time, we have to be ready.

Having a pliable digital platform for your events will help in ensuring that you can still keep going by adapting to any given situation, instead of setting limitations, or worse, canceling the events.

Adapting to the ever-unpredictable external situation while catering to the audiences’ needs will always be a constant challenge for organizers to tackle in their effort to give a second-to-perfect experience for them, which will eventually guarantee the success of holding events.

Don’t Back Down, We’re Here for You!

With over 9 years of experience in the industry, proven by 5000+ various types of events we support, Jublia is ready to become your partner in this uncertain period. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of events through excellent matchmaking, engagement, and risk mitigation.

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