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April 29, 2022
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Article actual date: Mar 8, 2022

Relationships are not only vital in your personal life. It is equally, if not more, important to build long lasting relationships in your work life as well.

In the event industry, you can either choose to have a vendor or a partner to host your events. As an organizer, these two different roles are critical in denoting your relationship with your chosen event vendor, as well as the ROI and subsequent success of your event.

Vendor VS Partner: Similar Yet Different

You might think that both a vendor and partner are the same. However, they are the complete opposite even though both work together to bring your event to life. So, what is the difference between having a vendor or a partner to host your events?

A vendor only focuses on offering what is required to you. They will have limited knowledge on your pain points and allocate the standard time and resources required to answer your queries and hosting your event. Ultimately, your event may end successfully, but definitely nowhere near the potential success it can reach. To put it simply, you pay and get what you paid for.

A partner, however, is the complete opposite. They will go the extra mile to understand and eliminate your pain points, and work tirelessly with you to enhance your event’s experience and ensure that your event can reach greater heights. In a sense, a partner is just as invested as you are in ensuring your event reaches its greatest potential.

Building An Alliance In Partnerships

A client partnership will only occur if both parties are interested in and taking the steps to build a lasting relationship with each other. When you start to build a strong relationship with your vendor, they become your ally in improving your event, and a client partnership occurs.

Instead of the common business practice of getting what you paid for, and going separate ways after the business transaction is over, a client partnership means that your partner will support and take responsibility to work with you from pre-event all the way to post-event. The both of you will focus on building trust, commitment and transparency with each other.

However, it certainly takes time for a relationship to build, and even more effort for it to grow strong and last. If so, what are the compelling reasons for you to make this investment worthwhile?

Grow Together With Pro-partnership

We at Jublia believe that being in a partnership is the best solution for organizers in elevating and enhancing event experience. Both our clients and us can grow and evolve together during our partnership, serving as the bridge towards improving the way events can be held with the support of our platform.

Through partnerships with our clients, we strive to empower the growth of their events and assist them in achieving outstanding ROI results. By partnering with our clients, we can have a deeper understanding of our client’s pain points and headaches, and create solutions to achieve a seamlessly integrated platform for them.

A solution that arose from partnerships with our clients was Reg Collective, which serves to provide the perfect event registration for organizers of all types of events. This was a result from our clients’ feedback, which was the foundation we built on to create this trusted solution. With Reg Collective, our clients were able to save on costs and time, and have greater efficiency to focus on creating their best events.

As such, being pro-partnership resulted in 1000 organizers across 60 countries placing their utmost trust in us to co-create engaging and immensely successful events. As we continue to build long lasting partnerships with all of our clients, our event platform will also continue to evolve and grow to become an intelligent recommendation platform that delights organizers and attendees alike.

Partner With Us!

At Jublia, we have a strong track record with onsite events with over 9 years of experience. We have an ongoing Safe, Anticipate, Future-proof Event (S.A.F.E.) campaign aims to not only provide you with a seamlessly integrated event platform through solutions like Reg Collective, but to also enhance and elevate your event experience together.

Interested in knowing more about Jublia’s Safe, Anticipate, Future-proof Event (S.A.F.E.) framework and seamlessly integrated event platform? Contact us at and follow us on our LinkedIn to find out!

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