Tell Your Event Data Story Through Jublia’s Connected Analytics

Jublia gears up for 2022 by bringing a lot to the table — connected analytics and conversational design take the first lineup to kickstart the year

April 29, 2022
What's up at Jublia

Article actual date: Jan 7

The scent of holidays still lingers, but the restful period is over. As we open the first pages of the year, we strive to create even more successful events ahead with our never-ending improvements.

Jublia has successfully made a bunch of enhancements last year, but we are not stopping there. Aside from leveling up our game through the existing solutions, we also work on new technologies to prepare for the unpredictable future of events.

What We Have in Store for 2022

We present two major updates as the first step to show our commitment to cater to the ever-growing need of the MICE industry and its evolving trends.

The Wholesome Connected Analytics

Jublia aims to create a complete analytics journey for organizers through a story-telling approach.

The enhanced engagement journey involves three sequential steps: interaction, opportunity, and realization. We add submenus under each category for a smoother data flow.

  • Interaction: The first step of the engagement journey, providing details to help you understand how attendees interact during the events. Through this submenu, you’ll be able to discover the top contents your attendees are most impressed by, as well as their demographic reports that will be useful in building post-event reports.
  • Opportunity: All interactions can create opportunities for your end-users. Through the optimization of Acquisition, Search Trends, and Interest Trends, you will be able to deliver better matchmaking and content for attendees with a data-driven approach. This in turn helps you to better assist your sponsors and valued customers in achieving their attendance ROIs.
  • Realization: After facilitating and maximizing opportunities, now it’s time to measure the outcome results through realization. It’s divided into three submenus currently: Conversations (previously Meeting), Branded App Activity, and Sentiments to measure your audience’s satisfaction.

By providing connected analytics across our product ecosystem, we expect to give qualifying ROI for attendees and traffic measurement metrics for organizers. All the events data are gathered through a respectful human-first approach to avoid privacy violations.

Track Events’ Trend and Activities with Conversations Analytics

Understanding how conversations are sparked is essential for organizers, and we’re well aware of it. Therefore, we have evolved Meetings into Conversations, which provides a unified analytics panel that allows organizers to visualize how exactly conversations happen on their platform and how they were created from the facilitated opportunities and offerings from organizers. Expect on-point insights on what the attendees are doing and talking about during the events with Conversations.

This evolution is encapsulated by three different conversational entities: Product, Company, and People. Eventually, we envision that all these data will help organizers to facilitate better matchmaking and spark multifaceted conversations around each entity type, digitally or live, in groups or individually.

This is Just the Beginning

Is that all? Definitely not. Please speak to your friendly Jublian or drop us a note, we will be happy to tell you more about how all of these benefit your event and will allow you to better harness your event’s data story.

This simply marks the start of our exciting 2022 journey in further defining what’s possible in your event and making events human-centric and relevant to each audience’s unique needs. We definitely hope you can join us on this journey, so let’s have a chat!

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